Malaysia Sarawak CitySlicker Maduz - Doubles Project with Ami Kamerami


Here comes my most favourite doubles project! Ami Kamerami is a friend of mine. We did chat on Facebook randomly talking about films and life, but at the end of the conversation, he asked, “Do you wanna do a doubles project with me?” Then the story started from there. This is our first roll, and there is another one coming soon.

Amikamerami and I have decided on doing doubles few weeks ago. He took all the photos of branches and railways. While I’m the one who took the photos of portraits and people. Both of us are using Yashica and LOMO LC-A respectively .

I set the ASA to 200 for this film (Kodak Ektachrome 160T Expired) on my LOMO LC-A. I was a little bit scared on how the output would look like as it was already expired.

Photos that I’ve taken for an outing with a community in Melaka.

The photos turned out to be awesomely unexpected. I never thought it would be as good as this. I was so happy when I found out that the film is safe.

Next up are some photos that I’ve taken on board of AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching. The stewardess of AirAsia are the best, friendly enough to let me to take their pictures. Thank you AirAsia.

Here’s the angels of AirAsia.

I’m looking forward to do doubles with any of you guys who are reading this! LOMO – ON everyone!

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