Malaysia Sarawak CitySlicker Maduz - Ghostly Doubles on Ektachrome 160T


Ghostly double exposed photos are my favourites. Here it goes…

This is a double project between Amikamerami and me. He used Yashica PnS while I was using a LOMO LC-A for this task. The ASA setting was 100 and 200 respectively. The hints and tricks in getting the best doubles effect are keep your hand stead. Allowing blurriness and shaky hands will destroy the beauty of doubles. Then comes the idea and creativity in composing and visualizing on how you want the photo to be liked.

Here are some of my favourite ghostly doubles effect photo that I’ve taken recently:

The photo was taken three times. I had modified my LC-A, so I can do MX easily by just pulling the switch underneath the camera. If you would like to know how to make the switch by D.I.Y. You can always search for the articles inside here. For your information, there is no tripod attached for this photo, only handheld.

And these are the two other photos that I’ve taken for doubles too.

So, try your luck, compose well, take your time, do not rush! Plan your idea well. You will love the outcome soon after. Good luck!

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