Crack The Code with mabbom

2012-10-03 2

Mabbom is letting us on his secret. This simple technique allows you to achieve colorful photos indoors or on cloudy days. Ready to find out what it is? Read on after the jump!

Credits: mabbom

Would you have thougtht that the photo above was taken on a rainy day inside Lomography's Rio de Janiero Gallery Store? No, probably not. But indeed it was. Mabbom shot it there for Pinhole Day 2012 with, you guessed, the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.

With 3 pinholes paired with 3 different color gels on one shot, this is the kind of chromatic effect you can expect to achieve with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator. This particular exposure took Mabbom 20 minutes for example, but you can easily experiment with shorter or longer.

Do you any tales to tell about pinhole or long exposures? Drop us a comment below and tell us all about them.

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