Movie Quiz #3

2012-10-02 7

Hey movie fans! Ready for the third of five series of Movie Quizzes? These Movie Quizzes will carry a heist/robbery theme. So get yourself ready to remember criminal names and missing valuables. Answer all the questions correctly and win yourself a coupon that you can use in our online shop!

Credits: analogkid

Here are the questions:

  • Who was the arms dealer’s name who helped Ethan Hunt in the movie Mission Impossible?
  • Where did the movie Goodfellas take place?
  • In the movie Inception, how does Dominic Cob get into a person’s mind?
  • In what London street did the robbery take place in the movie The Bank Job?
  • What is the name of the mystery man in the movie The Usual Suspects?

The Quiz is only valid TODAY, October 2nd, 2012. So hurry up and find those answers! The first person to comment with all 5 correct answers will be awarded 5 Piggy Points that they can use on our Online Shop.

Since there are 5 Quizzes today, we will give out a voucher code (valid tomorrow – October 3rd, 2012) if all 5 Quizzes are answered correctly.

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  1. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    Max,New York City,Dominic Cobb gets info through dreams,Baker Street and Keyser Söze

  2. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    1. Max
    2. New York City
    3. by infiltrating their dreams
    4. Baker Street
    5. Keyser Söze

  3. ilkadj
    ilkadj ·

    @xephryrus good job! Mission complete!

  4. fanatic_thought
    fanatic_thought ·

    *Max,*New York,*Baker Street,*he gets there through their dreams,*Keyser Söze

  5. ilkadj
    ilkadj ·

    UPDATE: The third mission has been completed. Please proceed to your next mission here:…

  6. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    =) Thanks

  7. ilkadj
    ilkadj ·

    UPDATE: Coupon Code Unlocked: lockpick (This code will self destruct at the end of the day Oct 3, 2012)

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