Autumn Leaves All Around: Back to Vérmező


I spent a lot of time here when I was a child. Now I returned to see my favorite places as an adult – through my Diana and my Beirette.

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We lived nearby, and my mother was really devoted to get her children as much fresh air as possible. So we were brought here frequently – and it was one of the places we were allowed to go alone with my sister. To me, the Vérmező was an endless source of secrets and adventures. It took a very long time that it was called Vérmező (“Blood March” in literal translation) because the Hungarian Jacobines were executed here.

It was autumn when I came back here. Back then it meant that my grandmother is back in the city, so we won’t be visiting her holiday house anymore in the countryside – after my summer holidays, I returned here, a bit reluctantly. Now I only felt nostalgia, visiting my favorite place with a bit of melancholy.

Credits: trychydts

This strange well-like structure is actually a ventilation shaft to the underground. The terminal station is not far from here. As a child, it was still a mystery to me how the underground can be connected to a park. I stared into the well a lot, I imagined hearing the trains come and go – and whenever I felt the wind on my face at the station, I always thought that the air actually comes from here.

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These were my favorite trees – standing opposite to each other on both sides of the small, paved path I learned riding the bicycle. One of them is a cherry tree, the other is a poplar. For some reason, they are surrounded by limestone plates – nowadays, the grass broke most of them, and they are half-sank in the soil. I loved climbing trees – it was especially pleasant to climb on the thick branches on the cherry tree. When I learned to ride the bike, I mostly came to the Vérmező with it; it was nice to have a rest on the warm stone plates.

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This monument, with it’s wide stone steps were also one of my favorite places. The monument is erected for Hungarian soldiers fighting for the liberation of Budapest in the second World War. What I could not understand as a child is the shape of the bronze plate the reliefs are placed upon. I was pretty much convinced that it forms something, and I waited for the moment to find out. Now I see nothing but an abstract shape.

Credits: trychydts

From the two playgrounds I played upon, now only one exists – the other is used as a “fitness park”, with open-air fitness machines. The other one, with the “dragonfly” statues (actually, they are surely not dragonflies) is still a playground but over the decades, it has been completely refurnished with new toys and benches. I really liked the statues as a child – back then, they were part of a fountain. The water doesn’t run anymore.

Credits: trychydts

This restaurant (made from an unused railway carriage) is a relatively new development. When I was a child, fountains ran on this place. Although it was forbidden to bathe in the fountains, we regularly did so – until my sister got a rash from the water.

The coffee is surprisingly good here. I sat here quite a while, thinking of my childhood among these trees. It is strange to think that not so many years later today’s children will think with the same feeling nostalgia about this place.

written by trychydts on 2012-10-05 #places #location #park-vermezo-autumn-childhood-budapest

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