La Sardina DIY Project Artist - Yunn Ru and her La Sardina DIY


Yunn Ru is a professional model who loves traveling. She dreams often; molded by the surroundings. And what story has Yunn Ru crafted around the La Sardina DIY customization? We’ll spin it for you after the jump!

Yunn Ru with her “Woods And My Moo”, her La Sardina DIY customization.

Why were you interested in the La Sardina DIY Project?

I’ve always been into photography and Lomography, Diana was my first love, and when I was first given the opportunity to design my own La Sardina, I couldn’t resist. I mean who can? Must thank Lomography Malaysia for hosting this and Lomography for designing such an ingenious product.

What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY?

When I first unboxed the all white La Sardina, I thought; “Wow! How cute!” It can just be left at that for a clean edgy all white look, but as I held it and grew attached to it, I want it to be mine, with my characteristics and personalization. In fact this final design truly represents me, my personality and my view of life. I wanna be free, free to the outdoors and explore with my La Sardina DIY. Wait for me to return with many pictures to come.

Could you tell us briefly about the theme of your La Sardina DIY customization? What’s the concept behind it?

I see my ‘Woods and My Moo’ as a harmonic muse, cause I believe Lomography is all about loving the earth, it’s wildlife, all our surrounding environment, and most of all, capturing the moment. I believe photography is also my muse to happiness and great memories. I used collage with the design and theme for this camera is to metaphorically incorporate different aspects of our life, as being torn out and put into different and unfamiliar places, however different in surroundings and environment, people, wildlife, and other objects, will harmonize themselves. So people, live in the moment and please love our earth.

Where do you usually go to, to get your inspiration?

Due to my occupation, I have to travel very frequently; I always have my camera with me, and every snap of my camera, every place I go, every person I meet brings a refreshing inspiration to me; so next time when you see me taking a picture somewhere, please come over and say hi and share your views in life and Lomography; art, music, movies, food, and culture is where I get most of my inspirations from, and in the culture of Lomography, it’s all about sharing; and this La Sardina DIY has been my new best friend since the delivery guy rang my doorbell and I took it out of the box…So the story begins!

What message are you hoping to convey with your finished La Sardina DIY artwork?

Like my principles in life, I always love and live life to the fullest; love yourself and others around you. Be grateful and cherish what God has given you; and please love our earth, it’s our only home.

Yunn Ru posing with her La Sardina DIY camera after the customization!

Would you mind sharing some tips or thoughts with all the La Sardina DIY newbies?

Experiment and go crazy with your ideas; you’ll eventually find your La Sardina to be the perfect representation of you and how you view life. But, please plan ahead and be careful of sharp objects when cutting….or crazy glue!

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine.

If you would like to see Yunn Ru’s La Sardina and more stories on the customization process, you could visit her Facebook page to keep updated with her new artwork!

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