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Kelseyz is a girl always dreaming in illustrations, a girl who is drunk in maximalism art style. She is a multimedia designer in working days, and a freelance visual artist after work. “Never stop dreaming, never stop exploring” would be Kelseyz’s golden motto in life. And what story has Kelseyz crafted around the La Sardina DIY customization? We’ll spin it for you after the jump!

Kelseyz with her “Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball”, her La Sardina DIY customization.

Why were you interested in the La Sardina DIY Project?

I like to draw in what ever surface which is clean and white, no matter if it is a cup, a plate, a bowl or something special and maybe some recycled material. That’s the reason why I am super interested with drawing in this collaboration! This is a really cool object for me to play and paint my imagination on it. Besides, I never painted on a camera before, so I felt that this project is indeed challenging and awesome as well! I enjoyed myself throughout the whole customization process!

What was your first impression of the La Sardina DIY?

I think it’s a really cool idea to let people draw, DIY, and design on the La Sardina DIY camera! Because It is representing the owner’s style and characteristic. When you are holding your camera of that particular design that is made by yourself, it’s really so cool and proud to show it to the world as it’s one and only one!

Could you tell us briefly about the theme of your La Sardina DIY customization?

The theme of my La Sardina DIY camera is about the old heritage building in Hong Kong, [唐樓]. Last year, I went to Hong Kong for vacation, and that time I’m so inspired and falling in love with the Hong Kong heritage buildings. The reason why I want to used the theme of Hong Kong is because of many years back then, I have an idea and imagination about this design on a camera, but by that time the design is on hold because of some reason. Now that I have a chance to paint a La Sardina DIY, I recall back the memory and it’s a good chance for me to paint the design on a real camera again! It’s like completing my dream of many years back.

What’s the concept behind it?

The concept of this design will be a top view of a busy city Hong Kong, from the design. You can search for the electronic train car walking through the city. As for the back design it will be a simple layout and the film is flying out from the building through into inside of the camera. My La Sardina DIY customization named as “Curry Fish Ball“ is because this is the famous local food from Hong Kong, and you can search for some curry fish ball in the drawing! This funny idea came out by the time when I painted the camera for like 70% finished. Besides, this could also related to the concept of the Sardine can!

Photo by Kelseyz

Where do you usually go to, to get your inspiration?

I like to travel around with my Lomography Fisheye No.2 and a digital camera.The result from Fisheye inspires me always, because the angle is what we can’t see it in our eyes. My Fisheye camera would be my best travel companion as it’d help me to see the world in different ways and perspective. Travelling is the main source to inspire me in my work and in all my art. Normally, I will be more observant on those little object and get into imagination, trying to think that; will this particular bowl have stories behind it? Afterwards, I will start to paint an illustration about this bowl and it’s story by imagination. I believe everything had their own story, and an artist would be the creator to make it an interesting story by using a different approach which is art.

What message are you hoping to convey with your finished La Sardina DIY artwork?

I’m hoping to convey a story about an old heritage building not matter in Hong Kong or in Malaysia, if we converted it to art or fashion, it will be become something really awesome. Let’s cherish the heritage building around us. Take sometime to know the story behind them, the history and appreciate it if we still have it now.

Would you mind sharing some tips or thoughts with all the La Sardina DIY newbies?

Everyone has different skills and styles on shooting with a Lomography camera. For me, I belong to the free and easy type, where I like to shoot whatever I wanted to shoot. I enjoyed using different color filter flashes to bring out the different feeling of the different places together with the feeling I had on that particular place as well. I apply this to my shooting style: [DON’T THINK, JUST SHOOT]!

Thanks for completing this interview with us on Lomography magazine.

If you would like to see Kelseyz’s La Sardina and more stories on the customization process, you could visit her blog and Facebook page to keep updated with her new artwork!

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