LomoAmigo: Can Bonomo


We learned that Can Bonomo, the Turkish star who represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, is a true analogue shooter. He loves film photography, writes his poems with ink pot and hist, and he also has a huge collection of LPs. For the photos of Can Bonomo and his answers, keep reading:

Name: Can Bonomo
Country: Türkiye
Occupation: Musician, Poet
Site: www.canbonomo.com.tr

What can you tell us about yourself?

I started music when i was 8 years old, and at 11 I started poetry. I can’t do well any other thing than art. I am obsessive, modernist, and I look principled but actually, I am a lounger Renaissance man. You’ll like me if we meet but if you read my poetry and listen to my music, you’ll find thee’s nothing more to me at all.

Have you ever used any analogue camera?

I started shooting 35 mm with an old Zenit that my grandfather had given me. After using that for a long time I met with Holga in Vienna. I didn’t even know about roll film. Then I remembered that i was very sad when i heard about Lomo Cameras because is was not easy to buy them. It was very difficult for me to get my Diana out of customs. For this reason it means a lot for me to have a Lomography Gallery Store in the city i live in.

Do you use any other analogue objects (notebook, LPs, etc) how do you write your poems?

I use ink pot and hist when i am writing my poems so my hands are always black. I feel like it’s supposed to be this way. I can’t give up ink just yet. And also I have a nice collection of LPs.

Can you describe Lomography with two words?

Plastic reproduction? Maybe a toy of art.

Preparation for new album?

We are in production of the second album which will be launched in October. It goes very well. I hope we will have good work! It will be with some orient tones, pop in a healthy dose,

Where do you want to be and to do right now?

I am lying down on the sunbed in Datça when i am answering your question. I came here for a concert and I’m having some fun times here. So I am very fine right here right now

Who do you want to shoot from popular culture?

I cant find a comfortable place on popular culture even though i am one of them.

Whatever i want it cant be same as Ara Güler who shot Dali, Picasso who painted Modigliani or Warhol working on Marlyn Monroe. So I want shoot my friends which is the best always.

Thanks for your photos and the interview Can. I wouold be very happy if you share the photos which you shoot with your Diana Baby":http://turkey.shop.lomography.com/cameras/110-cameras/diana-baby-110-camera-and-lens-package and 1960’s legendery Diana

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translated by erayalan

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