New Season, New Suit - Paint your Diana Mini

2012-10-12 3

Bored by the looks of your camera? No money for new analogue gadgets? Mismatching colour schemes? Why don’t you pop open a can of bling, and give your old friend a shiny new look.

I decided to paint my second Diana Mini to go along with my outfit, here’s how it turned out.

What you need:

  • a camera that you’d like to restyle
  • paint (I used satin gloss paint, in gold)
  • brush
  • white spirit to clean your brush afterwards
  • masking tape

First of all, make sure the camera is clean, so polish off any dirt and dust. Put some newspapers or something under your work so you don’t end up with everything covered in paint. Take off the back of your camera and remove straps. Now let’s paint!

I prefer starting off with the sides, so you can hold the piece in the middle. Then put it down and paint the rest.


Tape pieces of the camera that you don’t want painted. I taped the winding knob with masking tape by putting tape on one side and then turning the knob until it was wrapped around it. Then I poked the brush in the slit.

Let the paint dry and paint it again for a professional look.
(And if you’ve got some paint left, go crazy and paint your shoesoles, your toothbrush, your waterbottle… or your Iphone ^^ )

Here’s the result! Happy!!!

Isn’t that bombdiggity?

So… try it at home, and show me, what does your camera look like after you’ve given ’m some bling?

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