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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “To Delete or Not to Delete” by dearjme from Hawaii. She almost deleted her LomoHome but we’re glad she stuck around! Find out why she nearly left our lovely Lomographic community here.

Credits: dearjme

“When a turning point comes in life, seasons are left behind and new ones begin. Photos outlast those transitions, but are always best to keep around in memorium? In our electronic age, even our film photos are posted as pixels and online images. Thus comes the question, “To Delete, or Not to Delete?”

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This article by community member Jamie from Hawaii was selected because of the editing and curating process every Lomographer goes through. Before heading to the Lab on your LomoHome and hitting the Upload button, don’t you often ask yourself which photos to share with the community? Of course, this highly selective process starts from even before you take your photo. But once you have them, it’s a matter of choosing which ones to reveal to the world: which one to put up for posterity, scrutiny, critique, and/or compliment. It might drive you to want to get rid of your entire body of work and build a new one to represent yourself, but think long and hard before you hit that “Delete” button.

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