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Austrian vocal acrobats Bauchklang (“gut-tone”) have already received international accolades for their unique genre-crossing sound, created without using any instruments other than their voices. At their latest tour through India they sported some Lomographic Tools…

  • Andreas Fraenzl: Lead Vocals / Sounds
  • Alexander Böck: Bass
  • Gerald Huber: Human Beatbox / Sounds
  • Bina: Mouthpercussion / Human Beatbox / Sounds
  • Philipp Sageder: Sounds / Backing Vocals
  • Mathias Schweger: Bandmanager

Austrian vocal acrobats Bauchklang (“gut-tone”) have already received international accolades for their unique genre-crossing sound, created without using any instruments other than their voices. Which makes Bauchklang the epitome of a live band, and an unforgettable experience for audiences after they overcame the initial surprise. Their stunning mix of Electro, Dub, and Hip Hop earned Bauchklang two “Amadeus Awards” (the alpine version of a Grammy) at home, and travelled well abroad.
What started in January 2008 with the first live appearance of an Austrian band in Inada that was completely unknown and in a newly opened club in Mumbai, just a year later culminated in three sold out nights at what had become India’s premiere live-venue: Bauchklang live at the Bluefrog Club.

All along the way the Band sported 4 fantastic Lomographic cameras, a Lubitel 166+, the famous LC-A+, a Colorsplash Camera and a Fisheye II . The pure energy of their vibrant, versatile sound can also be found in the images they brought home from their tour in India.

Lomography at Bauchklangs Jour Fixe

Together with Bandmanager Matthias Schweger, who also enjoyed testing Lomography tools, Bauchklang and Lomography inspected the photographic evidence of their Lomo-Shootings and had the opportunity to ask some obvious questions. Only Gerald Huber (Human Beatbox / Sounds) couldn´t be there in person but the Lubitel images he took speak for themselves!

How long have you been Lomographers? How did you get into it?
I had my first Lomo about ten years ago. One day I lost it. Lately Lomography got me back into analogue Photography by making us Amigos. (Andreas Fraenzl)

Is there a common ground for Lomography and Bauchklang?
I think it´s an enrichment for the band. Analog Photography fits our analog approach to music. The blurry picture world has it´s very own, unique graphic quality. Different than digital images – they have charisma, that´s their biggest quality (Andreas Fraenzl)

Where did you take your Lomos?
Since July the cameras have travelled far. We took them on our 5 city tour of india and afterwards used them at concerts in Austria and Slovenia.

Did you experience something special when you were snapshooting in India?
Many people asked what that weird thing was. “What is it for? Why do you have it? It´s Analog?” They sell film a lot cheaper in India than in Europe – still everyone is hooked on digital Photography. (Andreas Fraenzl)

In some regions the women didn´t want to be photographed. Some literally ran off, even when you asked if it was ok to take a picture. (Philipp Sageder)
– I didn´t really have that problem… (Andreas Fraenzl)

It´s strange that you can´t show people the images you have taken right away. But then you explain the camera, show off the analog device and see amazed faces. (Alex Boeck)

Did you follow the 10 golden Rules?
Rules? We admit to not even have read them.

Who did use which camera?
We shared all cameras. The Colorsplash worked a circuit. Bina snatched the Lubitel, Philipp is most crazy for the Fisheye II at the moment and I´m testing the LC-A+. (Andreas Fraenzl)

What did you like best about Lomography?
That it´s so different to digital Photography. It´s exciting not to see the images right away. We all got hooked within a little wile. (Andreas Fraenzl)

The great thing about the Colorsplash Camera is that you can capture moments you ´d never be able to shoot with a digital or video camera.. Shoot from the hip and you’ve already taken the picture before the folks recognice that they’ve been photographed. In addition you get a lot of attention carrying the Colorsplash around. People just didn’t know what it is at first sight. A video camera? A water gun? (Matthias Schweger)

The extra fun when shooting is that I’ve now stopped using the viewfinder with the fisheye. You can get super close – that’s great (Philipp Sageder)

Your words of wisdom to other Lomographers out there?
I any case you should get the approval of a person you want to take a picture of. You might ask or at least give a questioning look. But maybe that´s too much bothering already!? (Alex Boeck)

You guys tested a Lubitel 166+, an LC-A+, a Colorsplash Camera and a Fisheye II – which one is your favourite?
Now that we finally see the images we must say the Lubitel pictures are the most impressing ones. Bina (who took most Lubitel images) already was an experienced Photographer when he first tried it and was really concerned with the Lubitel. He took it for many walks. (Alex Boeck)

Bauchklang Website
Bauchklang at Myspace
Bauchklang at Facebook

Album Live In Mumbay

Bauchklang first ever live-album, Live In Mumbai, features a selection of songs performed on these six nights, including the new track “Signs” – a first taste of the like-titled upcoming studio album – and guest appearances of gifted young Indian singer Shilpa Rao and prolific Indian percussionist Vivek Rajgopalan.

This is a translation of the original interview taken in German for lomography.deread the original text

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