My Analogue Past: Tracing Back My Family and My Childhood through Analogue Photography

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The path to knowing yourself implies knowing where you came from. Maybe this is why all my life, I loved looking at old family pictures. Recently, I found myself rediscovering all those old family photos that are so familiar, yet can always teach me something new about me and my family. My newfound love for analogue photography helps me shed a special light and value that much more all those photos that I once took for granted.

Photo taken by my father when I was only a cute toddler…

Since very early in life, beautiful photos of my family have surrounded me. I always loved looking at those very, very old family photo albums and see all those people unknown to me but that were – somehow – part of my life. Even though I never met them, I could almost feel the strength of their character through these photographs. I just love how photography was not so trivial those days…

Amazing photos from the turn of the turn of the 20th century. The impossibly stylish lady featured in the last picture is my great-grandmother Alda.

One of my favorite photos is this picture of my great-grandmother Ana, a woman known for her great determination and strong personality – definitely a big “no-no” traits in a woman from the early 20th Century. I just love the way she looks with so much determination into the camera. In an age of Victorian romanticism and naiveté, when women were seen as delicate flowers, my great-grandmother definitely was not up for playing that part. She looks strong, defiant, and inspiring. I am told I inherited her name and her single-headedness. I wonder if that is really true…

My great-grandmother Ana.

I am able to recognize some of my family members when I get to my grandparent’s generation. Back in those days people always looked so glamorous. I love the aesthetics of those days…

The beautiful lady in the black skirt is my grandma ‘Blue’.

I absolutely love this photo of my grandparents’ wedding day. They both look so happy!

My grandparents, Antonio and Maria Henriqueta, on their wedding day. I love this photo!

I also love stumbling upon the childhood and youth photos of my parents. It always helps put things into perspective. While you’re growing up, you tend to forget that your parents were kids too at some point, and did all kinds of naughty things.

My mother and uncle when they were small kids.

My father used to take pictures as a hobby, and he was quite the photographer. It is a real shame that somewhere along the line, his beloved Olympus got damaged and he never picked up his hobby since.

My (very young) parents.

His favorite photographic subject had to be my mother. She was a beautiful woman who loved posing for him. She passed away two years ago, and I am happy to have these beautiful pictures to remember her by at her very best.

My mother

I remember how much I loved my father’s camera and just how much I loved posing for him. I used to have so many butterflies in my stomach whenever I saw him holding it. I knew something amazing was going to happen and in fact I now have a lot of lovely pictures of my childhood that bring me back to such a happy place.

Say hello to mini-me!

It’s amazing to see that my older brother and me were such posers those days…I am definitely not so comfortable in front of the camera now but back then we really craved the spotlight.

Me and my older brother.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of the day my father lend me his camera, carefully coached me how to use it (in very simple terms, I suspect) and allowed me to take my first-ever photo! What did I choose to capture in film for the first time in my life? My favorite toy of course!

My first ever picture – of my then favorite toy! I suspect my father made sure all the settings of the camera were the right ones before he handed it over to me.

That summer day, my father may have started something or maybe it was always there. What I can say is that , for as long as I can remember, I have always been in love with photography – and now it is my turn to (hopefully) create beautiful memories for others to see in years to come.

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    neanderthalis ·

    Thank you for sharing your nice history.

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    Beautiful, my Anuska.

  3. vera
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    (e que família cheia de estilo!!)

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