Red Bud Isle: A Summer Spot for Your Dog!


Autumn is upon us, but the heat of the summer still lingers in Austin, Texas. Over the past few sweltering months, my dog and I beat the heat at, of all places, our local dog park!

Red Bud Isle is a gorgeous spot for you and your dog!

Without a doubt, the prettiest (and coolest) dog park in all of Austin is Red Bud Isle. This little piece of paradise is located west of downtown, off of Town Lake. It’s the perfect spot to take your pooch on a hot day because it has several swimming areas, complete with concrete doggie stairs into the water! My boyfriend and I decided it was time to take our little kooikerhondje to the shore and see how he liked getting his feet wet!

Red Bud Isle is a leash-free dog park with plenty of room for your buddy to run. It is equipped with clean-up stations that have poo bags and trash cans so everyone can help keep the park beautiful. If you’ll be there for a while, you might want to bring your own bowl and fresh water so you can keep your dog hydrated! The park is free and open to the public. It is also a very popular place! Head out early to secure a parking spot, the lot is very tiny and tends to get crowded around 3:00pm onwards.

Credits: megzeazez

Don’t forget to take a camera! I loved visiting Red Bud Isle with my camera so much that I always make it a point to have one with me when I go. It was a lot of fun capturing my little guy’s first swimming attempts, and every time I visit, I find more opportunities for great photographs! There are kayakers and canoers to photograph on the lake, and there’s a particularly gorgeous tree at the very edge of the island with beautiful knotted roots. Even without a dog, this place is a perfect location for any eager lomographer to get in touch with all the nature Austin has to offer!

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