Love Those Autumn Hues

2012-09-30 15

For most countries, it is the time of the year when leaves change its color and turn crispier compared to before.

For the hot summer has ended and it is time for a smooth transition into the cold winter, we give way to autumn and all the lovely hues its nature has to offer.

Reds, pinks, oranges, yellows — a variation of colors in this beautiful season. A season we can’t help but experience with our beloved analogue cameras! And that is why in this week’s selection of photos by the Lomography Community, we handpicked the 50 most stunning Lomographs shot during the nostalgic time of autumn.

We sure have a group of lovely colors in here! Enjoy everyone!

Credits: hodachrome, ccwu, fruchtzwerg_hh, bravebird, disdis, undiscovered, orangebird, bravopires, lilithmoon, olga_primavera, ornella, taniab, catarella, wolkers, adamo-75, mojopin, milancekic, velvet_itch, coca, nafamoss, tb, ellaseye, emkei, cc-in-paris, mafiosa, pussylove, frauspatzi, suizidekid & ck_berlin

We sure missed some autumn Lomographs in there. Care to share?

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  1. mayeemayee
  2. bravebird
    bravebird ·

    Thanks a lot mayeemayee! We will hopefully have a great one in Germany :)

  3. emkei
    emkei ·

    thank you for adding! have a beautiful autumn, people! :)

  4. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Thank you @mayeemayee for selecting one of my photos to be included in this beautiful collection along with amazing photos from: @hodachrome, @ccwu, @fruchtzwerg_hh, @upic, @disdis, @undiscovered, @orangebird, @bravopires, @lilithmoon, @olga_primavera, @ornella, taniab, @catarella, @wolkers, @adamo-75, @mojopin, @milancekic, @velvet_itch, @coca, @nafamoss, @tb, @ellaseye, @olivier_g, @emkei, @cc-in-paris, @pussylove, @frauspatzi, @suizidekid, and @ck_berlin

  5. suizidekid
    suizidekid ·

    thanks @mayeemayee

  6. undiscovered
    undiscovered ·

    Thank you @mayeemayee!

  7. coca
    coca ·

    thanks @mayeemayee for included me in this beautiful collection :)

  8. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    thanks @mayeemayee! indeed, a pleasure to be in such illustrious company!!

  9. olga_primavera
    olga_primavera ·

    @mayeemayee Thank you so much!!

  10. mojopin
    mojopin ·

    Thank you so much, @mayeemayee!!! :)

  11. hodachrome
    hodachrome ·

    Thank you so much @mayeemayee!!!
    My favorite season has finally come =)

  12. milancekic
    milancekic ·

    Hi there and thanks for adding my photo to this great collection! :))

  13. ck_berlin
    ck_berlin ·

    Here are some brand new autumn photos:…

  14. ellaseye
    ellaseye ·

    thanks for adding my work to your article, I'm looking forward to all the colours of autumn again! : )

  15. saidseni
    saidseni ·


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