The Analogue Reader: Mysteries of Vernacular


Have you ever wanted to learn about the origins of some common English words? What, you find that boring? Well, not anymore, once you start watching these stories unfold through the pages of Mysteries of Vernacular.

Don’t we all love great stories? Whether through books, movies, or even music, a good story is sure to captivate people of all ages. But what if you had to learn about the etymology of a certain word, would you still find it interesting?

We bet you will, if you start leafing through the pages—or rather, watching the pages turn—of this virtual story book series called Mysteries of Vernacular. Each book tells about the origins of a specific word through creatively done papercraft animation. What—animation? Isn’t this supposed to be analogue? Of course, actual books are a big part of the production to make the visuals entertaining, and the concept cohesive. Let’s watch some of them below:

Myriapod Productions, the group behind the project, is planning to release 26 “books” all in all—one for each letter of the alphabet. I consider it a lovely treat for all literary geeks out there.

What about you, what do you think?

All information for this article were sourced from Flavorwire and Mysteries of Vernacular.

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