Cut-Out Silhouettes by David A. Reeves

2012-09-28 2

Looking for something different to photograph? You might want to draw inspiration from a photographer-designer’s series of silhouette scenes created using cut-outs. Read on to find out if it’s something you’d like to try!

Many of us know how silhouettes, when done properly, are guaranteed to give us some visually enticing images with an air of mystery. But, it often comes with some challenges—mainly, setting your subject against the light correctly.

Photographer and designer David A. Reeves, however, is in full control of his silhouette snaps. Using paper cut-outs, careful layering, and subtle lighting, he is able to create interesting and action-packed silhouettes with amazing depth of field. Below are some of his works so far, along with some “behind-the-scenes:”

Photos by David A. Reeves via This is Colossal

It’s hard to pick one for a favorite—each scene has a specific detail that makes it stand out from the rest. But, my favorites have to be the zombie apocalypse scene (there’s a lot going on there), and those from the amazing video game called Limbo, because I’ve played the game and I can say David’s rendition is really accurate!

What do you think of his works? Do you think you can try it out on film? Share your thoughts and results, if you’re planning on trying, with a comment below!

All information for this article were sourced from This is Colossal.

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