The Aran Islands, Ireland


The Aran Islands are group of three islands off the west cost of Ireland. The biggest island is called Inis Mór and that is where we went for a small break at the end of August 09.

Well when I got the LC-A Race lomo just before my trip to the Aran Islands in August I was trilled that I could use this little beauty to capture one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Me and a small group of friends decided to go the 200km journey from Cork to Galway to stay on an Island in the atlantic ocean. We had to catch a ferry from Rós a Mhile 20km outside Galway city at 7o’clock on a friday evening.

We were collecting my German friend, who came all the way over just for the weekend, in Galway city. Us never being in Galway city before had no idea where we were meeting him and almost missed the ferry. But luckily we made it in time. The Ferry trip was about 50mins long so we decided to a have a few drinks. We arrived on the island laden with bags, got on a small mini bus that dropped us off at a field in the middle of no where in particular that we were told was the campsite. But we didn’t mind, we were on the Aran Islands! We set up or tents and then headed for the nearest pub for some food and drink.

The next day we rented some bikes to cycle the Island and see the sites. We cycled along the sea road. The scenery is just so nice there. There was an actual white sand beach (yes in Ireland!) along the coast. I’ve never see a beach like that in Ireland, totally awesome.

We made our way to Dún Aongusa which is a 3000 year old cliff fort that was home to the Celts and among others. The fort is shaped in a semi circle with the back a 100m high cliff that faces out to the Atlantic ocean. The Cliff is a sheer drop down. It made me queasy just by being near the edge. It’s really an amazing sight.

The next day we had to pack our tents away in the rain but we didn’t mind, we had such a great time. The Aran Islands are an amazing place and would recommend anyone to go if they ever have the chance.

written by hailkingstewie on 2009-09-24 #places #islands #location #ireland #lc-a #lc-a-race #aran


  1. bartho
    bartho ·

    Ireland is such a nice country always green, but a bit rainy though :)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Amazing landscapes and great smiley portraits !

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