Printing Photos in Fabrics, 40s Style!


Today, images and photographs can be printed on almost any and every surface that we could think of. It has become so widespread and common that when we see it, we barely bat an eyelash.

A landscape photo that you took on your last vacation printed on a mug, that sweet shot of your sweetheart printed on a pillow case, your own face in your favourite black dress…

Wait what?

Images via LIFE

You may not know it, but printing photos directly on fabrics was once a fad in the 40s, as illustrated on this LIFE article. Back in the day, people developed a process in which chemicals and dyes were added to fabric to make the fabric light sensitive.

Images via LIFE

Awesome, eh? What do you guys think?

written by geegraphy on 2012-09-27 #news

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