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Malaysia has a lot of amazing collection of Lomographs. I’ve asked around the community here among the 5 active community members in Malaysia and they have taken the time to review their favorite choices of Lomography cameras, share experiments, as well as tips on which films to pair it with! Let’s check it out after the jump!

Tomkiddo on Lomokino with Lomography Xpro Chrome 100

Photo by tomkiddo

The Lomokino is indeed a genius product of Lomography. It brings cinematography back to life. The Lomokino is really easy to operate, even though I encountered some troubles when loading the film, but you totally will not believe how simple this camera works! Just by turning the crank and it will start recording until it reaches the end of the film. Other than making movies, this little black box can also take pictures and it is 144 pictures in a roll of film! It all depends on your own creativity. I highly recommend it to every one who loves to watch vintage movies. You can make your own vintage-looking movies with this magical box called the Lomokino!

My favourite film is definitely the Lomography X-Pro Chrome. It suits all types of cameras; SLRs, plastic cameras and even the Lomokino! It is best to cross-process it because if you do, your shots will turn out really saturated, which is really awesome. Shoot it on a sunny day when the sky is blue and cloudless and you will get the best results ever! Lomographers who love to experiment should try this film.

Photo by tomkiddo taken by using Lomokino

Jetnz81 on the LC-A+ with Lomography CN 800 and Krab Underwater Housing

Photo by jetnz81

I love this match LC-A+ with Lomography CN 800 and Krab Underwater Housing, because it will always bring the dark corners with the saturation color in high speed ISO film. Specially with the underwater krab casing, I can bring it down underwater during my diving trip.

Photo by jetnz81 taken by using LC-A+ with Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing

Wennyfoo on the LC-Wide with Lomography X Tungsten

Photo by wennyfoo

Picture yourself. Now, picture yourself with the entire landscape as the backdrop behind you in one neat little shot. The new Lomo LC-Wide comes in a 17-mm lens, making it easier for wide angle captures. It has automatic shutter speed and aperture, depending on the lighting as well as the environment, and allows for snapping in half frame or in square format. Prior to masking, snapping pictures in half frame or square format will result in overlapping frames, so take caution and remember to select the proper mask before snapping!

The fun doesn’t stop there, capture every vibrant detail and color with the Lomography X Tungsten 64 film. This film is guaranteed to bring out the warmth and vivid colors of your snapshots.

Photo by wennyfoo taken by using Lomo LC-Wide

Yokekei on the La Sardina with the discontinued Kodak EBX

Credits: yokekei

I was amazed by the design concept of La Sardina while Lomography launched first range of La Sardina at year 2011. The clean bold line design with the striking artwork had successfully implement the sardine can food concept on Lomography camera. I love my La Sardina Seoul Edition so much because of its simplicity and purely white design. La Sardina is easy to use and it is lightweight. La Sardina comes with B mode and MX feature which makes this little camera more valuable. Besides that, I can do Panorama with La Sardina due to it allows rewind loaded film anytime.

La Sardina comes with aperture f8, thus, it still able to performance greatly before sunset while loading with ISO100 Kodak EBX. In the morning, La Sardina with Kodak EBX gives bright and clear image. In the dusk/cloudy, La Sardina with EBX able to give strong vivid color which I love it so much. For indoor and night time, just use B mode. Many Lomographers including me, still love the discontinued Kodak EBX so much due to its amazing color tone and fine grain. Kodak EBX always surprise me with its great contrast as well. I would say that Kodak EBX still is an idea choice of film to do cross processing.

Photo by yokekei taken by using La Sardina

Guitarleo on the Horizon Perfekt with Lomography X Tungsten

Credits: guitarleo

Horizon Perfekt is the film camera that I love most. The camera has 28mm swing lens, it is wide and can capture 120 degree of vision. This is a fully manual camera, so please be familiar with the sunny 16 rules. With many aperture and shutter speed selection, it is no problem to use Horizon Perfekt in day and night. I love the beauty of Mother Nature, I love panorama, I love landscape, and that’s why I love Horizon Perfekt.

Lomography X Tungsten is a slow film, with ISO 64. When do cross processed to this film, the color shift to more pink and red. This is great for day shooting, especially sunset or sunrise. Because of low ISO, the outcome is brilliant with sharpness and details. When Horizon Perfekt meet with X tungsten, both are just great match for day and night shooting.

Photo by guitarleo taken by using Horizon Perfekt

Thank you, boys and girls for the review! Now what’s your favourite Lomography cameras and films? Share your thoughts with us!

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