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Have you noticed any changes when you’ve waken up recently? The sun is beating down gently and leaves are falling off with the breeze. You’ll rarely take a tank top out of your wardrobe but instead opt for a cardigan. What do these things signify? It time for Autumn!

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The smell of Autumn has already diffused in our surroundings! Falling leaves, the breeze and those colorful scarfs and cardigans are without a doubt features of Fall. Being the transitional season between Summer and Winter, Autumn is said to be the most comfortable time of the year! In order to prevent Autumn from slipping through our fingers, do something to make it memorable, and more enjoyable!

We are going to introduce several things in different categories that you shouldn’t miss during this lovely season! First off we’ll take a stroll through the activities you and your friends can experience this Fall!

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1. An Autumn walk
Unlike summer, having a walk in Autumn won’t equal sweating buckets. With such nice weather, you may try going somewhere on foot or, if it’s too far, get off the bus a station later than you usually do for a brisk walk! Walking around your extended surroundings may enable you to discover something that you rarely notice! Moreover, you can also take your camera and photograph the rich Fall scenes!

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2. Outdoor Activities
Autumn has surely got to be one of the most suitable times for having fun outdoors! You can spend your afternoon in a park nearby, lying on the grassplot with your favorite book! Or if you are seeking an activity to accommodate more than just your absorbed-in-dreams self you may consider picnicking, flying a kite or cycling! Remember to bring your camera along, and checkout Autumn Leaves All Around: Add Some Colors into Your Lomographs, and Shoot the First Day(s) of Autumn Away! for inspiration!

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3.DIY With Scraps of Fall
Autumn is a season with tonnes of inspiration! Fallen leaves can be regarded among its main characteristics while the shapes and hues of the crunchy bits of nature has inspired a lot of people. What can we do with the leaves and other items, like acorns, found on the ground? Here are some suggestions from the Internet! Make a Fallen Leaf Bouquet, Decorate Your Home in the theme of Autumn or
DIY Wreaths For The Fall.

After reading these, you may realize how much fun you can have in the Fall! However, please remember to bring along your camera! The sound of shutter will add a nice touch to the Autumn-colored scenes! Besides, there will be more Fall-related ideas in upcoming entries! Stay tuned for more Autumnal articles!

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