Asian Photography Masters: Yasuhiro Ishimoto

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Yasuhiro Ishimoto (石元 泰博) was a Japanese-American photographer and began his path behind the camera under depressing circumstances. His early studies in Architecture influenced his works, as did existentialism. After the jump, we’ll reveal more about this influential master.

© Yasuhiro Ishimoto | Image via The Red List

It was an Internment Camp where Yasuhiro Ishimoto picked up photography during his time there, from 1942 to 1944. By then, he already had Art pumping through his veins, having studied Architecture at Northwestern in Chicago. Following his release, he joined a camera club for amateur photographers and filmmakers and then went on to a design institute to study photography.

© Yasuhiro Ishimoto | Images via The Red List

Ishimoto headed back to live in Japan in 1953 and was soon commissioned to photograph the Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto. You can feel the charge the above photographs have and that the photographer had an architectural awareness behind them.

© Yasuhiro Ishimoto | Images via The Red List

Upon returning to the States in the late 50s, Ishimoto was granted a Minolta fellowship and proceeded to photograph the streets of the Windy City of Chicago, where he lived. The photographs taken in his Chicago period are some of the most iconic.

© Yasuhiro Ishimoto | Images via The Red List

As can be observed by the collection of people-on-the-street studies, framed by the walls of crumbling edifices, street signs, or taken as silhouettes, the Ishimoto’s photography asks us to contemplate the meaning behind our lives, from staring into the past through a fragment of someone else’s. And how surreal the photo of the malt-colored cat standing beside Ishimoto as he works. I wonder if they were chatting about the birds.

Ishimoto worked till the late 90s, photographing the Ise Shrine in 1993, which he gained special prividledges to inorder to do so. His legacy includes winning the Life magazine photographer of the year award in 1950 and having exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.

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