Touring The CBC Studios With Dragons' Den Video Editor Janna!

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It was Dragons’ Den day in Toronto and the Lomography Canada team visited the CBC Studios to take in one of our nation’s best television shows live. Little did we know, we’d get an impromptu tour of the studios by our good friend Janna! Read on to see what goes on behind the scenes at the CBC!

For those of you who don’t know (or are living under a rock!), Dragons' Den is a show for entrepreneurs to bring to the stage their business ideas in hopes of getting investment from the “Dragons” – a panel of successful business people themselves. You might recall some names such as Kevin O’Leary, Arlene Dickinson, Jim Treliving, Bruce Croxon and David Chilton. They were all here for Dragon’s Den day and many fans attended the event to watch some local business pitches made live to the Dragons. We even caught a glimpse of CBC TV host George Stroumboulopoulos! (We’ll talk a little bit more about him in another article…)

We were lucky enough to bump into a good friend of Lomography Canada AND one of the video editors of Dragons’ Den – Janna McGinn! She got us hooked up with our visitor badges and took us on a whirlwind tour around the always-happening CBC studios. Let’s get to know her a little better…

Hello Janna! Tell us about yourself – occupation, hobbies, favourite type of soup…

Hiya, I’m Janna… a newly 33, loft living, freckle faced video editor for CBC television. Currently working on Dragons’ Den (season 7). I’ve worked on Dragons’ Den since season 2. Things about me… well… I play piano and some Irish fiddle. Recently took up tennis and can even keep the ball on the court now! I love love love to bake and feed people treats! I’m currently training to run 10k in November… and my new sneakers are spiffy.

I’d choose stew over soup, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, steak over hamburger and of course American Idol over The Voice. I have been known to wake up in the morning craving a Coke Slurpee. And while I really do enjoy dinner and drinks out at delicious restaurants with friends (my absolute favourite being a restaurant on Grand Bahama Island called “Flying Fish”), I do at times still crave the ultimate in hobo-casseroles — Kraft dinner with hot dogs cut up into it. I guess we could call that urban chic meets processed meats?

What is it like working in CBC, one of Canadian’s main broadcasting outlets?

Working at the CBC is great job… It is a big corporation, but when you get to know your department it can feel like a little family. I started in the News department nine years ago working on The National. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and work on different shows, so the nine years has flown by. I find it’s always interesting talking to people about how important they see the CBC as Canada’s public broadcaster, but working on Dragons’ Den has definitely stirred up the most interesting conversations about my job at CBC. Everyone has a favourite dragon and loves to debate with me the merits of the products on the show.

Tell us a little bit more about your role specifically as an editor at CBC.

I am a production editor for CBC… and one of the 7 editors on Dragons’ Den. Using the video and audio recorded in studio, I create the vision the story producers and associate producers have for the show. It is a collaborative effort amongst the entire team. I use AVID editing software for the show. I have 8 camera angles to choose from during each pitch in the den. People are usually surprised at how much effort goes into creating a one hour reality television program… on average I spend 4 to 5 work days creating approximately 4-6 minutes of television!

Can you give us a brief rundown of your day at CBC?

My work day starts with a breakfast sandwich, steeped tea and reviewing the edits I made the day before. I meet with my producer and discuss how our story is progressing. Some days I work and collaborate all shift with a producer, other days I work alone and really finesse my editing in preparation for being placed into a show.

What has been your favourite piece that you have edited and has been broadcast Canada-wide for everyone to see?

I have the pleasure of mainly editing the comedy segments on Dragons’ Den… so it’s really difficult for me to narrow the pieces I’ve done down into a ‘favourite’. I will say so far this season, my favourite piece has been the comedy segment in episode one… Arlene took a dodgeball to the face, courtesy of new Dragon David Chilton, not once but twice! Slowing that down like a sports replay really made me giggle!

CBC News Room, Photo taken with the LC-Wide with Lomography Lady Grey 400 35mm

Any cool encounters on the elevators here?

One day Anne Murray got on the elevator with me. I was holding a slice of pizza I had just picked up for lunch… we joked about how good it smelled… she stared at my pizza and, to me, looked quite hungry! I held onto my slice tightly and got off on the next floor!

What is your favourite part about working here?

I like being part of a team… working on Dragons’ Den is like being part of a family… we all love the show we work so hard on and that makes coming into work a pleasure.

And lastly, of course, do you have any big ideas to pitch to the Dragons here?

Ha! No way… I don’t think I could walk in there and face the dragons! I have a lot of admiration for the people who do! The dragons are super smart investors and you really have to know your stuff and have the awesome idea to go with it. I love seeing all the great ideas people come up with though!

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