Tipster of the Week: Holes in My Photos


By adding a black strip of tape to the middle of your 35mm mask you can create a unique double exposure that will add an interesting border to your Diana F+shots!

Sprocket Hole Borders by jblaze823

For this tip you will need a black electrical tape, scissors for cutting the tape and your favorite 35mm frame format mask for your Diana F+

Start by attaching your 35mm back to your Diana F+, make sure that you do NOT have a frame format mask in place. Now place a strip of the tape across the middle of the opening spanning from left to right. Be sure to leave space at the top and bottom of the frame. Next add your favorite 35mm film and fire away. Keep in mind that only the top and bottom of the film will be exposed during your first round of shooting. Once the roll is finished rewind it and remove the black tape from the inside of the camera. Now find your favorite frame format mask and add it to your 35mm back. Time to load the film and shoot again!

My example shots only show one way to take advantage of this tip, buy you can enjoy the many combinations of tape and frame format masks to make this tip last a long time!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Ahaha very cool tip !!!

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