Boris is Bat Country Proof


Boris and a whole week filled with rock ‘n’ roll. Repetitions, beer and to top it off: a gig in music venue Paradiso. He came out alive and is officially certified as Bat Country proof. Read the interview with the boys from Bat Country after the jump.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

*Who did Boris end up with and what’s his life like? *
We’re Bat Country and we make music. There’s Bonne (singer), Joost (drums), Floor (bass) and Mick (guitar). We’re a group of friends and one day we just decided to start a band. We knew Bonne was a good singer but we never really took it seriously. After think long and hard about the name, we came up with Bat Country. Why you ask? Well the word ‘country’ has a nice ring to it, and ‘bat’ has a metal-like dark vibe. You might remember from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is a little psychedelic as well. We’ve been doing this for around 2,5 years and we usually have two gigs a week.

How did Boris end up with you and which assignment did you get?
We got Boris de Doorgeeflomo from Willem de Bruin. Bonne just did the styling for a photo shoot for Willem. That went pretty well and that’s how Boris ended up with us. The previous assignment was a bit too chaste for his liking, so he told us to include some nudity to the photos. We kinda forgot all about the assignment, but luckily there are quite some shirtless photos of us.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Were you familiar with Lomography before?
We’re all familiar with analogue photography. Joris, our manager, takes photos of us with his Yashica T5. Floor also once bought a Holga.

How did you like having Boris around?
How we liked it? To us Boris is a new Bat Country family member! We took him everywhere we could. The lucky basterd.

How did Boris become part of your life during this week?
We did a lot of things this week. We all just came back from our holidays so it was time some talking and catching up. We talked about where we’re heading with the band, that sort of things. Some food, talking things over, some brainstorming – those were Boris’ first moments with us. Afterwards we rehearsed. We had a gig planned in a park in Haarlem, which was unfortunately cancelled because of the bad weather. Such a bummer as it had been really sunny during the day and we were stoked to take some pictures. But then the weather suddenly shifted to storm and rain. Later that week however we had a gig in the one and only
Paradiso. Of course Boris was with us to capture that legendary evening.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What did you like taking photos of with Boris?
Most of the photos we took were with “the family”. Not too many people around us, just us as a band. That was kinda cool.

What did others think of Boris?
Most people have seen our manager walking around with his analogue camera, so it wasn’t really out of the ordinary. Still a lot of people are curious to see what we were taking photos with. Especially with the flash on top you can’t really call it a pocket-sized camera. But if you get to know him a little bit, he’s awesome. At first we were scared to break him as he’s plastic, but he can take quite a lot.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Would you like to experiment some more with Boris or another Lomography camera?
For sure! We never really thought about all the possibilities these kind of cameras give you. It’s easy to forget you can also use the color flash. We haven’t done that sort of thing yet. Yeah Boris is quite dope.

Where would you like to take Boris with you?
We think it would be sick to take him with us on tour, and capture everything with an
Lomo LC-A + camera and loads of film. Or just while chilling at someone’s place in the weekends. It would be cool to also show a more adventurous side of the band. You’ll also have some more nudity then!

What would you like to be the assignment for the next owner?
Boris’ next host will be a skater, illustrator and friend of ours. He works in his studio near the Vondelpark and cycles there every day, all the way from Watergraafsmeer! So his assignment will be to capture his daily trip: show Boris how you experience that route. Just anything – what do you see every day, which parts of the trip you hate or love?

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

See all photos taken with Boris by Bat Country in this album. Every three weeks you’ll be able to read and see in our magazine what Boris has been up to with his new hosts. A little impatient of just too excited? Follow Boris on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

All Boris’ adventures so far:

  1. Liveloving human snowball Omar Kbiri
  2. Dutch lomographer Pien van Dis
  3. Visual genious Lize Korpershoek a.k.a. Lizepietje
  4. Text cloud-master Kakhiel
  5. Copywriter Ilse Beekhof
  6. Rapper Willem de Bruin

It’s not a secret that Boris is just a very good looking Lomo LC-A+, known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. You want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him through our online shop!

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