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It was bound to happen at some point. The new host of Boris the pass-on-Lomo, Friso Blankevoort a.k.a. Freshco, was sick during the whole week Boris stayed over. Too sick to even take one single photo. But there’s a bright side to it: Boris got to stay with Freshco for another week! Read about their adventures in black and white after the jump…

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

*Who did Boris end up with and what’s his life like? *
This week Boris stayed with me! My name is
Friso Blankevoort, also known as Freshco! I’m a designer, illustrator, artist and as of recently a photographer as well.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

How did Boris end up with you and which assignment did you get?
I got Boris from Joost, the drummer of Bat Country. He told me about Boris de Doorgeeflomo after some night of skating and asked me whether I wanted to take care of Boris for a week… and so it happened! The assignment I got from Joris was to capture a landmark of some sort on my way to work, which is a daily half an hour bicycle trip.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Were you familiar with Lomography before?
A few years ago I got a Supersampler from my girlfriend, right before we went to New York. We’ve had some fun with the camera, although we did move it a little too fast. All that enthusiasm resulted in four frames that captured a little too much movement and had nothing to do with each other.

How did you like having Boris around?
I liked hanging out with Boris, he’s welcome to drop by whenever he feels like it!

How did Boris become part of your life during this week?
I can say that during the past two weeks he was with me almost at all times. The cool thing about that is that you don’t necessarily become more observant, but I did keep wondering ‘would this be cool to capture?’. So I did become a lot more aware of my surroundings.

What did you like taking photos of with Boris?
I shot this cool photo of a little kid with a small skateboard. I’m curious about how that one turned out!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What did others think of Boris?
Most people thought he was interesting as I told them Boris has his own blog on Especially the idea of Boris being passed on to different owners everybody liked a lot.

Would you like to experiment some more with Boris or another Lomography camera?
I got Boris with his own swimming gear, the Krab Underwater Housing. Unfortunately during the second week the weather wasn’t too great, so I couldn’t take him for a swim. That I would like to do at some point, also to experiment some more with color instead of black and white!

Where would you like to take Boris with you?
Instead of taking him with me, I’d like Boris to take me with him to his birthplace in Russia!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What would you like to be the assignment for the next owner?
Boris really wanted to play tourist and pay a visit to Hooters or Madame Tussauds!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

See all photos taken with Boris by Freshco in this album. Every three weeks you’ll be able to read and see in our magazine what Boris has been up to with his new hosts. A little impatient of just too excited? Follow Boris on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

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It’s not a secret that Boris is just a very good looking Lomo LC-A+, known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. You want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him through our online shop!

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