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2012-10-03 2

What’s you patience like? How long are you willing to wait for an unpredictable, yet stunning result. Makeyuu let’s us in on the secret behind this unique shot.

Credits: makeyuu

My name is Marcus. I have been into the analogue world of photography since around 2005. The photo above is the result of an experiment I did years ago. It usually takes me ages to process rolls and then even longer to scan the negatives so to be honest, I usually forget what I did to the roll!

I think I put this roll in a bag of rice+water to rot for a year or something like that. As you can see, the emulsion was kind of eaten away and most parts of the roll were totally destroyed from the decay.

I like the effect and how the colours turned out. I also think it looks a bit like an orchid I have in my room!


Interested in seeing more results from this experiment? Head over to Marcus’ lomohome.

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