Mermaid Parade: Let the Summer Begin


Put away that boring swimsuit and bedazzle yourself with fishnets, fishtails and bigger than ever wigs for summer’s best parade in New York: The Mermaid Parade.

Hello There, Miss Mermaid.

Girls wanna be mermaids; boys wanna fish those mermaids.

Boy, I sure do love these mermaids.

The Mermaid Parade is well known for extraordinary marine-themed costumes, and for the occasional partial nudity. It is held in celebration of the beginning of the summer season, and so it traditionally takes place on the Saturday closest to the calendar start of summer, regardless of the weather.

Summer is awesome with the unforgiving sun! Great fun! Happy people! And mermaids of course!

Come by from 11-3 pm and you will see the mermaids (and some mermen) strutting their fishtails with great pride and love for the summer sun!

Kids will be happy with their popsicles. Men will be gawking at those bodies! Women will roll their eyes in envy. The youth will reunite for usual notorious fun. Families will gather for precious summer moments.

Now that’s what summer is all about!

Once the parade is over, head to the beach for a fun dip!

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