Boris is Master


Sotu the Traveller sure lived up to his name: for one of his sets he flew to Istanbul – and he brought Boris the pass-on-Lomo along with him!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Who did Boris end up with and what’s his life like?
He ended up with me! My name is Baris Akardere, a.k.a Sotu the Traveller. I’m both a producer and a DJ. I make music for myself and for others, for movies and commercials. Overall my life is pretty boring, I work in the studio a lot and occasionally go to school. This however was a good week for Boris as I went to Istanbul! Afterwards I had a launch for a movie I’d made the music for. Almost a little too much to handle for Boris!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

How did Boris end up with you and which assignment did you get?
I got Boris the pass-on-lomo from Friso a.k.a Freshco, he’s a good friend of mine. I work together with his brother in a reggae sound system. Friso also makes flyers and logos for all my upcoming events.

As an assignment from him I had to act like a tourist in Amsterdam – see Madame Tussauds or visiting Hooters. Boris had already been a tourist in Istanbul, but walking past Madame Tussauds was the least I could do for him.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Were you familiar with Lomography before?
To be honest I’m completely new to Lomography. Actually, I’ve never even used an analogue camera. No experience at all. But it was cool, I’m very excited to see the results.

How did you like having Boris around?
It was master. He can be quite annoying as he’s so big. But it was quite cool having him around for the week.

How did Boris become part of your life during this week?
Boris was with me at all times. I didn’t carry him in his wooden box, so I held him in my hands most of the time. Good company I’d say!

What did you like taking photos of with Boris?
There were a lot of times I wasn’t sure whether to take a photo, as Boris contained black and white film. I wasn’t sure it would make a good picture. There’s one photo I really hope it turned out cool. In Istanbul there was this kid selling mussels on the street I took a picture of. I’m kinda sure it should be a good picture, at least I hope so. He was secretly posing for the photo.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What did others think of Boris?
People seemed really interested in Boris. Even taking pictures of him while I was taking a photo! I think it’s because Boris isn’t too mainstream. I think it’s safe to say that Boris is kind of a trendsetter.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Would you like to experiment some more with Boris or another Lomography camera?
For sure! I need some more practice for sure, I feel like shooting at least ten more rolls. I think with some more experience my photos will turn out a lot better.

Where would you like to take Boris with you?
I think I’d like to show Boris a little more insight of my life, just for another week when I’m not as busy as the past week. I would like to show my daily routine at home and in the studio, I think it would give a better image of what I do in life.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What would you like to be the assignment for the next owner?
I saw Bat Country gave Willem de Bruin the assigment to shoot some nudes, but the results were a bit prude. So for the next owner I’d like to assign the same mission, with an added condition that there should be at least two naked people in the photo. Preferably at least one woman!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

See all photos taken with Boris by Baris in this album. Every three weeks you’ll be able to read and see in our magazine what Boris has been up to with his new hosts. A little impatient of just too excited? Follow Boris on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

All of Boris’ adventures so far:

  1. Liveloving human snowball Omar Kbiri
  2. Dutch lomographer Pien van Dis
  3. Visual genious Lize Korpershoek a.k.a. Lizepietje
  4. Text cloud-master Kakhiel
  5. Copywriter Ilse Beekhof
  6. Rapper Willem de Bruin
  7. Band Bat Country
  8. Graphic designer Freshco

It’s not a secret that Boris is just a very good looking Lomo LC-A+, known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. You want your own Boris a.k.a. Lomo LC-A+? Order him through our online shop!

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translated by desibel

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