The Inspiring Work of Blind Photographer Sonia Soberats

2012-09-26 3

It’s hard to imagine how it would be possible for us lomographers to take photos without depending on our eyes. However, there’s a blind photographer who has remained undaunted in taking photos despite her handicap. Learn more about this inspiring woman and her work after the jump!

As lomographers, it is almost impossible not to completely rely on our vision—literally and figuratively—when taking photos. So, imagine, what would you do if you suddenly lose your sense of sight? Will you continue taking photos, by all means possible? Well, Sonia Soberats will most likely say you should.

Sonia is a blind photographer who only took photography classes in 2001, ten years after she lost her vision. The New York Times Lens Blog recently told the story and creative process of the amazing 77-year-old photographer, who works in total darkness and cleverly uses the light painting technique.

First, she feels out the form of her subjects using her hands, then asks her assistants to open the shutter of her camera. Then, using various light sources, she moves around to illuminate the details of her subjects, the camera slowly making an imprint of what Sonia visualizes as she creates the picture. An exposure ranges from two minutes to an hour.

Sonia Soberats is a member of Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of visually impaired photographers in New York who also do collaborative work with sighted photographers.

What can you say about Sonia Soberats and her inspiring works of art? Share your thoughts and comment below!

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Lost At E Minor.

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