Shoot the First Day(s) of Autumn Away!

2012-09-25 5

Have you started to take notice of the leaves slowly changing hues, quietly falling off branches, and beautifully littering the streets? Better take your cameras out for a scenic photowalk, and capture the first few days of Autumn!

For September, we asked you to share with us your Autumn stories and colorful snapshots, as we always do once the fall season starts. In case you haven’t marked and checked your calendar, here’s a quick reminder: we’re already into the first few days of Autumn, which officially began on September 23.

You might want to check if your surroundings are already littered beautiful leaves in varying autumn hues. As many of our lomographers have featured in their photos and articles, Autumn has its own picturesque colors that are worthy of capturing in film!

In celebration of the first few days of Autumn, may we present some of the most breath-taking fall-themed photos from the community:

Credits: ccwu, hodachrome, ck_berlin, nafamoss, sandkorn, ame, bravebird & mojopin

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  1. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    We love your beautiful autumn snaps, @ccwu, @hodachrome, @ck_berlin, @nafamoss, @sandkorn, @ame, @upic, and @mojopin!

  2. nafamoss
    nafamoss ·

    Wow, thank you!! ^.^

  3. ccwu
    ccwu ·

    Thank you!! :D

  4. mojopin
    mojopin ·

    Thank you so much! I <3 Autumn colours. :)

  5. ooh-matron
    ooh-matron ·

    Great photos :-)

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