Ancient Walls, Silent Films, and Bottomless Cups


If we ask you where the most bustling, hopping, spot in Beijing was, where would you have guessed? Sanlitun, perhaps? Well, for cultural life it’s got to be a former Hong’en Daoist Temple! The Zajia Lab is a project space which focuses on video, interdisciplinary, and performance art. After the jump, find out what cinephile’s dream event is gracing the interior of the stone walls!

The Institute of Incoherent Cinematography, based out of Zurich, is currently on their China tour and have been screening their collection of great films at the Zajia Lab (杂家). The theme of the IOIC China Tour 2012 is “Low Fidelity Science Fiction”. Films showcased are silent masterpieces from 1895-1929 such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage dans la Lune, and Aelita by Yakov Protazanov. The event runs from 10 – 30 September 2012.

Images via Cool Hunting

7 Chinese and 11 Swiss musicians, as well as sound artists with varying styles, are the musical accompaniments to this extravaganza. How fascinating to sit in the old temple and watch mostly European feature films from a century ago, with musicians from different countries playing the one universal language, music. Did we mention bottomless cups of coffee and free breakfast are offered at Zajia Lab during screenings?

Metropolis (1927), Fritz Lang | Image via Criterion Cast

For more about the remanding screenings, visit the Institute of Incoherent Cinematography on Facebook.

Information and inspiration for this article comes from Cool Hunting.

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