To Delete or Not to Delete

2012-09-26 4

When a turning point comes in life, seasons are left behind and new ones begin. Photos outlast those transitions, but are always best to keep around in memorium? In our electronic age, even our film photos are posted as pixels and online images. Thus comes the question, “To Delete, or Not to Delete?”

The lifetime of a photo is dictated by how long the paper and colors last. This could be affected by sunlight, care (or lack thereof), chemicals, heat, and the list goes on. Still, in comparison to the lifetime of an online photo, which can usually be deleted with the click of a mouse (or track pad for us laptop users), tangible photos are much more eternal, if that even makes sense.

Credits: dearjme

How long should we keep around our precious memories, at least on the internet? Is there an appropriate time when certain photos should be taken down or does that cancel out the way film is supposed to be time-tested and durable?

Credits: dearjme

My first album here on Lomography was called “Lemon Destruction.” I was so incredibly proud of how I tried out some film lab rat tipsters (woah, soak the film in lemon juice.. so cool!), and got some pretty gnarly results. Looking at the album now, it amazes me to see how far things have come within the two year span, and frankly, it’s not the most comfortable feeling. Even in terms of which cameras I used before, and which films I favored – all of those elements have changed, too.

Photos from the “Lemon Destruction” album.

New seasons, new friends, new environment, new companions – I think that we all experience shifts in those spheres. Dare I say… a new me?

A more recent self-portrait.

So as I’m writing this Analogue Lifestyle piece, I’m seriously debating over either creating a new username, starting afresh…or deleting some photos. Would that be blasphemous to the memories so heralded amongst the people and circumstances immortalized within the photos?

I don’t know, but I think transitions are helped when complete movement from one place in life to another is accomplished.

My focus in photography has changed.

And perhaps, even by deleting some photos, I won’t be forgetting the memories, instead, I can finally put to rest the honor of those in my thoughts, those which I cherish and never want to taint. Rest in peace, in a sort of way.

Now where’s that delete button?

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  1. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    but does that change anything? i guess not. with more time going by there will again new things you might find more interesting so in two years time you want to get rid off some shots here again. in my LH there are really some shots that are not good at all and they have nothing interesting. my conclusion was to change a bit my habit of shooting and not uploading shots you might not like if others would have taken them. - well sort of. i try to only upload OK-shots and if there is a crappy one i uploaded there is story behind it most of the times that i write in the description.

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @bloomchen You've gota great point there. Our perceptions change all the time, as do our favoritisms in Lomography. I suppose our LH can be a great place to see and track those changes. I'll keep in mind your idea to filter before uploading.

  3. lokified
    lokified ·

    I have these feelings sometimes when I look at my earliest lomo photos. I wonder if I should delete them from the site, or accept them as a part of my progression as a photographer?

  4. dangab19
    dangab19 ·

    I loved your post!

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