DIY: When in the Holga There's no Difference Between Sun and Cloud

2012-10-04 2

You can’t find any difference between the two iris settings too? Of course!

In the manual it’s written: two different iris apertures are available with the Holga – Sun (F/11) and Cloudy (F/8). You can choose the desired aperture moving the lever for the iris over the sun or cloudy image on the lens.
Be careful on using the right setting, it will help you getting the best results in your photos!

But, it’s not always the case!

Recently I bought a green Holga 120CFN but I immediately noticed (like most Holga owners) there is no difference between “sun” and “cloudy” diaphragm apertures.
Now, the question arises: do I send it back to get it changed or disassemble it to know how it works and why not, write a tipster about it? Guess my choice :)

I already had at home a black “Holga 120CFN” and used it for comparing the problems.

Let’s start disassembling!

Unscrew the two internal screws:

Be careful after removing those because the lens will come out but in the back. There are flash cables so be careful!

Now remove these screws indicated in red:

If you remove the yellow circled screw the outer lens focusing ring will come out.

This is how the problem looks like:

Now, as you can see from this comparison with my black Holga seems there’s something missing:

There’s a piece missing!

How to solve it? I have to say, i had to go round my home in search of the right tools:

I selected a Parker pen, a little piece of black cardboard and some glue.

I chose the Parker pen because this creates a hole of the same diameter of “Sun (F/11)”

I preferred using a pair of pinching pliers, the same used for piercing leather belts :)

Let’s start by rotating the pen on the cardboard, don’t be too fast or you will get imperfections in the hole.

This is the result:

Now you just have to cut and paste:

The Holga is always fascinating :)

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translated by yayoboy


  1. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    @yayoboy grazie per la traduzione ;)

  2. rlotze
    rlotze ·

    i have the same problem with my CFN. i've been looking for a washer the right size but this method looks so much easier. thanks!

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