LomoAmigo Mimes of Wine and the La Sardina

Lomography and FILTER Magazine teamed up to present a special collaboration! We provided several artists from the Culture Collide festival in Los Angeles some Lomography cameras and here is our second LomoAmigo from our Culture Collide LomoAmigo series!

Mimes of Wine is the project founded by pianist and singer Laura Loriga in 2006. Laura’s songwriting is based on her two instruments and is enriched by other sounds coming from different corners of the world (dan bau, hurdy gurdy, cymbalon, and many more) as well as by electric and classical elements, arranged and played by musicians Stefano Michelotti, Matteo Zucconi, Luca Guglielmino. Riccardo Frisari, Helen Belangie.

Mimes of Wine’s sound is variegated, darker and cinematic; an experimentation close to older folk and classical traditions, with hints of gospel and industrial sounds. Mimes of Wine’s first album, Apocalypse sets in, was released in October 2009 in Europe by Midfinger Records. Their second album, Memories for the Unseen, will be officially released in Europe in October 2012 by Urtvox Records.

NAME: Mimes of Wine
COUNTRY: Bologna, Italy / Los Angeles, USA
CAMERA: La Sardina

How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you start?
We started right with this Culture Collide project, a couple months ago.. nice adventure!

How do you incorporate Lomography in your daily life?
We took pictures of our everyday places and funniest people, landscapes.. and we plan to take la Sardina on tour with us this winter!

What inspires you to write songs and make music and what inspires you to take photos?
It is probably the same thing, the right, volatile moment you wanna catch and keep. WIth music you carve your vision of it, with photo it is already there and it is a backwards work, every time you look at it maybe you find a new piece of it even a long time after it was taken.

Which of your music instruments is most like the La Sardina?
Ah! Our shruti box.

Can you write a haiku about the La Sardina?
An open eye, friendly weapon in a pocket, soul snatcher, cold turkey.

What is the atmosphere for your dream gig/concert like? Can you describe it as if it were a photograph?
High ceilings for echoes, light colored walls and big windows, low lights. A low stage, people standing and sitting close to us. People asking us stories.

If you could hang around as a camera on anyone’s neck, who would that be?
A monkey in a forest in Laos.

The strangest, funniest, hands-down greatest, or most “unusual” photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
For me, a full moon night spent with a friend taking pictures of our city in Italy, a long time ago. The lenses saw things we had not seen before, in buildings, streets and faces we thought we knew. A small discovery of home and a glimpse on our everyday walking paths, and a good one.

What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?
We are planning to tour all winter around Italy and Europe and to start writing the new album soon.. very simple plans but some we are really happy about!

Any advice for Lomographers?
Use it!

Julius by Mimes of Wine

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