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When Jim Morrison sung Come on, Baby, Light my Fire, was he referring to sound artist Yuri Suzuki and Mathew Kneebone lighting 6 flame tubes? Probably not, but can you imagine glowing embers moving, in sync, to the vibrations of music? After the jump, watch the flames jump off 6 Rubens Tubes!

Image via Yuri Suzuki

In collaboration with Mathew Kneebone, Japanese sound artist Yuri Suzuki put together 6 Rubens Tubes – originally invented in 1905 by a German physicist and used to measure the relationship between sound pressure and sound waves – and set them up on a stand, the gas cylinder standing beneath. You can see the hose isn’t the only thing attached to the apparatus but also cables, running to a digital music source.

Video via Yuri Suzuki

The melody visualized here is a Baroque piece that fits perfectly with the ambiance created by the old-world flames and apparatus, as well as the grey slabs in the backdrop.

Video via Yuri Suzuki

The static noise that Suzuki mixed for the above visualization is indeed interesting and unique as the images we’d usually associate the static drop tone noise with is black and white flickering specks.

Image via Yuri Suzuki

The standing waves are so mesmerizing that I bet the audiences lucky enough to get close to this installation can’t help but feel the heat. So, be warned! Don’t you dare stand out of your seats and try blowing out the candles on this radiant piece because you might walk away with two eyebrows too few!

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