Fuji Natura Classica - A Night Owl's Camera


Night time holds many mysteries and surprises for all who dare venture into its hidden depths. Finally, a very pocketable camera that does a great job on low lighting condition.

Living in a tropical country, I rarely go out during daytime to go on photo walks and such. The humidity and the pollution is a killer. So finding the perfect indoor camera is a must for me. I stumbled upon my Natura Classica on a random rummage search of our local buy and sell website. The price made it very easy for me to decide to get this camera in a heartbeat. The next day I was on my way to meet and deal with the seller, that night I was ready to develop my first roll!

One can easily argue that using a range finder with a fast lens can be a better camera for low light situation, but for me I wouldn’t want to be lugging a fairly bulky and heavy camera with me everyday! This camera is very light and small which is perfect for my back pocket. Great for snapshots and an excellent backup camera to have.

When paired with an iso 800 or higher film, you can use the NP mode which gets you more natural colors and light without the harsh flash. It really is the ultimate indoor/low light camera.

written by projectsnap on 2012-09-25 #gear #night #indoor #low-light #review #natura #classica

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