Fuji Natura Classica: Low Light Perfection with Ease

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The Fuji Natura Classica is much more than a point-and-shoot: it is the perfect camera for your everyday shooting, especially low light situations. It’s a great choice for any lomographer who wants a gorgeous shot, guaranteed!

On the road with my Natura Classica!

I’m in love with my Fuji Natura Classica. I was lucky enough to receive mine as a gift from a friend over a year ago. My first concern was that none of the instructions were in English, but I easily overcame this obstacle with a google search. After doing my research and learning a little bit about the camera, I was eager to get shooting and soon found that this camera is incredibly versatile. Complete with built-in light meter, zoom capabilities, and the unique “Natural Photo” mode, this camera secured its place in my heart after the first roll I shot with it.

Low-Light Perfection
What makes the Fuji Natura Classica a great camera is its ability to capture crisp, beautiful images in ridiculous low-light situations. While the camera is equipped with a built-in light meter (green light means you’re okay to shoot, red light means you might want to use the flash), I’ve found that even under “red light” circumstances, your photos may still come out looking gorgeous.

The Natura Classica: my go-to low-light camera.

Natural Photo Mode
A really cool feature that makes the Fuji Natura Classica stand out from other point-and-shoot cameras is the “Natural Photo” or NP mode. With an ISO of 800 or higher, the camera can be set to NP mode, and any available light will saturate your subject in the most organic way imaginable!

Natural Photo mode makes the Natura Classica unique from any other camera!

It’s fun to experiment with even higher speed film, like Iford Delta 3200, and try shooting indoors and at nighttime, as well.

Natura Classica with Ilford Delta 3200

Ultimate X-Pro Saturation
We all know how much us Lomographers love to cross process slide films! X-pro photos drip with rich colors when shot with the Fuji Natura Classica. When I know I want a roll of X-pro film to impress, I shoot it with my Natura Classica.

Gorgeous X-Pro colors made possible by the Natura Classica!

Overexposure: A Possible Con?
As much as I fawn over my Natura Classica, it is very easy to have my images come out overexposed when shooting during a sunny day or with the flash. Although I usually end up surprised upon seeing many of my low-light photos turn out incredible, I have every once in a while felt a pang of disappointment at the odd overexposed shot. However, not all is lost: despite the harsh flash or bright sun, many of these overexposed shots turn out jaw-dropping…and when using the flash, I usually implement a diy diffuser, such as a piece of napkin or a cut-out piece of a plastic film canister, and my shots will be just fine!

Overexposed? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

Overall, if you have the means and the desire, treat yourself to the Fuji Natura Classica! It will be worth every penny, and roll after roll will make for a fulfilling shooting experience.

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