Lost and Found: Some Forgotten Redscale Memories of New York City


This is the short story of some travel memories at the beginning of my lomographic path that I had completely forgotten about and how happy I was finding them in a LomoLab envelope.

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

It was at the very beginning of my lomographic “career” when a buddy and I decided to go to New York City for two weeks. We were all excited and looking forward to this trip as it would be our first (but surely not the last) time in America. So we went there in spring, which we thought would be a great time for visiting New York. Of course, I packed my DSLR which I got for my birthday the year before to ensure to have some rad photos of our city trip. But I also took the little Diana F+ with me.

I got the sweet plastic camera for Christmas and of course I wanted to seize the opportunity and take some cool analogue pictures of New York City. But unfortunately my first trial shots at home were more than unsatisfactory and so I was a little frustrated. I shot with the 35mm back and wasn’t used to it, so the results were really bad. I didn’t want to lose any chance for a good picture and I also didn’t want to carry both cameras with me everyday. So the Diana mostly stayed in my suitcase in the hotel.

But one day I finally decided to take both cameras with me. I didn’t want to go home without any analogue evidence of our visit. It happened to be the day that we went to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. I took only three analogue shots that day (strangely, there isn’t one of the statue) and actually I just wanted to try, because I had a redscale film loaded and didn’t really know how to handle it.

After our stay in the US, my Diana took a (quite long) break on a shelf. It was already summer when I got myself a Fisheye Baby 110 and started lomographic attempt no. 2. And I also started to shoot with the Diana again. There still was an unfinished redscale film in it so I wanted to finish it and get some pictures.

When I got back the envelope from LomoLab, there were a lot of odd and not really good pictures in it:

Credits: mario-salvenmoser

But when I found these three pictures I just had to smile. :-)

The first two photos were taken in Battery Parkon, on the third, you see the skyline of New York City from Liberty Island.

I had completely forgotten about these photos and still they are the best ones I had taken on the whole film roll. I have only three analogue pictures of our stay at NYC and yet these are the ones with the most value as a memory. :-)

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