End of Summer: Memories of Summers Past

2012-09-25 1

For many people in the UK, the summer that has just ended has been ‘the longest summer’. That famous sunny (or, rainy – it is the UK after all) summer which stretches between the last days of college and the first day of Freshers Week. I’m taking a Gap Year, so here’s a whistle stop ‘bucket list’ for my Endless Summer.

I’d love to hear about it if you’re planning any of these things or let me know what you’re planning, and remember to take pictures!

1. Sun

Credits: raejk14

A bit of a no-brainer in the summer, surely? I love hot climates and sunny days, and anywhere that I can walk around without a coat and scarf gets my vote! Whether it’s a beach in England, where the sun occasionally peeks in or the middle of a Turkish summer, sun-worshipers everywhere should get their fix of Vitamin D with sun cream, some friends, and a bright punchy film like the Lomo X-Pro or a Redscale for a rosy summer glow.

2. Festivals

Credits: raejk14

An endless source of interesting and crazy photos, a summer festival will take you to another world, and leave you with some stories to tell to break the ice at Freshers’ Week! I recommend a sturdy 35mm like the La Sardina or a trusty favorite, the disposable camera.

3. Travel

Credits: yokekei, lola_juanlu, i_am_four-eyes & kylewis

After trawling through endless photo albums by other Lomographers, depicting the warmth and richness of foreign climes, I’m definitely starting to go stir crazy. I’m itching to get away, and when I go (Peru, Italy, Vietnam and Thailand!), I’ll be taking my lovely Diana with her 35mm back adaptor. This is much more cost effective, and 35mm film is almost universally available – absolutely perfect for traveling light!


Credits: raejk14, laiba, realrampage & sixsixty

I’ve had my eye on the Sprocket Rocket for a while, after loving the sprocket effect with my 35mm back. I have been saving my Piggies up and I’m nearly at my goal, so I think I will treat myself to a little pop of sprocket-loaded colour! What better way to brighten up the Autumn/Winter gloom?

5. Don’t Think

Credits: banksyundercover

Do something impulsive, say yes without consideration, travel lightly, and snap the shutter without thinking! I have always been too hesitant to take photos, and while my camera joins me on these adventures, I’m going to practice capturing without calculation, and see what I manage to get!

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    great dip into the water! I love diving!

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