UK CitySlicker Dave: Get in Close with Budget Filters


Sometimes you just want to get up close and personal with a subject. Let me give you some tips on how to pull it off effectively.

For this article i’m using one of my favourite cameras – my Bronica SQ-A which takes 6×6 photos and has interchangeable lenses and viewfinders. I have always been a great fan of close-up photographs and always assumed you needed an expensive macro lens to get decent photographs, but as i found out a while ago that is simply not the case.

Check out these photos of mine to start with…

They were all taken using some dirt cheap close up filters i got off the auction site. They came in a pack of 4 varying sizes – +2, +4, +8 and +10.

Obviously the +10 gives you biggest magnification and the +2 gets you in just that little bit closer. To use them merely select which filter you want to shoot with and screw it onto the front of your lens (most cameras have a thread round the inside on the lens front – you’ll need to make sure you buy the right size filters for your camera – mine are 67mm diameter).


Next set your focus to the closest possible (normally around 0.5m on most cameras). Because you have the close-up filter on the front of the lens you wont really be able to focus the lens in the usual manner, you will have to move forwards and backwards to and from your subject to get it where you want it. As you look through the camera you will notice that the depth of field (area in front and behind the focus point which is also in focus) is very shallow. You can either stick with this if that’s how you want your photo to look or you can set your f-stop to f11 or f16, this will give you a larger depth of field (more of the photo will be in focus).

Now just shoot away to your hearts content and enjoy experimenting with depth of field – its great for making small portions of your photos stand out.

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