Nikon F80: Using This Camera is CHEATING !


As I evolved to Lomography from dig*censored* photography as a Nikonian, I had to obtain a Nikon film SLR to indulge in my addiction to lenses.

The Nikon F80 is not the top Nikon film SLR. However it comes pretty friggin’ close! With the dig*censored* craze these babies are going for as low as 50 Euros, like I bought mine ( and I paid another 100 Euros for two used Nikkor lenses for it, both in good condition!). You have to liberate these cameras and give them the love they deserve!
The Nikon F80 is supposed to be a serious amateur SLR. Sporting the Nikon F mount it is compatible with the vast majority of the about 300 Nikkor lenses and all those third-party lenses for the Nikon F mount PLUS, now, the awesome Diana F+ Lens Adaptor :D :D :D

The F80 has matrix metering, a pop-up flash and hotshoe (I bought a SB-23 external flash for mine for 5 Euros (!!!)) and all the modes you want. Aperture-priority/Shutter-priority/Manual mode/Program mode, it’s all there. Automatic film feeding and respooling goes easy on your fingers. DX (overridable) scanning sets ISO automatically. It operates with batteries and they last for quite some rolls. I can’t say I miss any feature. This camera has all you could possibly want AND taking good pictures with it is like cheating. Autoexposure, autofocus, no parallax when composing, the freedom of zoom lenses… A world of creativity is unlocked.

It is what I always loved about SLRs. Lenses, lenses, lenses. Diversity, flexibility, abundance, change! Thus, I could use expired films, get really crisp slide exposures and use my lenses all in one! Imagine what happened to me today when I read about the Diana F+ Lens Adaptor for Nikon being released! I pissed myself out of joy, started drooling all over myself at the prospect of using all of my lenses from my Diana Deluxe kit with my F80!!! Who needs glass when you can have plastic, indeed ! So, get a Nikon baby and shoot away with a hybrid beast with the best of two worlds !

If you can find one, grab it now or you’ll be sorry later (especially when everyone starts posting their great pics with the Diana F+ Fisheye etc. ;P) !!!! Oh, and you just saved yourself 700 Euros on the fisheye alone !!!!!!!!

written by cyan-shine on 2009-11-04 #gear #review #slr #nikon #lens-adaptor #f-mount #nikkor


  1. lucioflajore
    lucioflajore ·

    i'm sorry but the pictures did not sell the product to me...

  2. arcadiobuendia
    arcadiobuendia ·

    what is the meaning of being a lomographer if we gonna use some professional stuff. It is not cheating, it is meaningless.

  3. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    @lucioflajore oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realise I was "selling" you something :P Maybe try these images then instead… :P
    @arcadiobuendia It's not a professional camera and also it is not meaningless. It is artistic freedom :P Or do I have to use only Lomography products ? :P

  4. arcadiobuendia
    arcadiobuendia ·

    Wow, 2 years later. Using a top level SLR will be a little bit different than using a DSLR, that was wha I tried to say, I guess.

  5. blightybiker
    blightybiker ·

    I've been thinking about buying a SLR because of the fact it provides you with a bit more ability to experiment with bokeh and depth of field and gain a bit more detail. However, being a film camera it still gives you that artistic freedom and excitement that I think the DSLR doesn't provide - anyone can take a photo on an SLR and then manipulate it on the computer.

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