Discovering the Very North of Minnesota, the Great Lake of North America

2012-09-28 2

It was a wonderful summer kayak trip with the boys at the world’s largest freshwater lake, by surface area, Lake Superior. We also camped at one of the islands in Apostle National Lakeshore for a night, wishing to see a black bear. But we were not that fortunate to catch one.

Hey Peeps,

It is always good to start a story with a self portrait.

Credits: sardinsan

Yes, that’s me, in my kayak position. This happened in June, 2012. An adventure-filled tour to the world’s largest lake by surface area, and third largest by volume – Lake Superior, located in North America, at the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Credits: sardinsan

We kayaked from Bayfield Wisconsin to an island called ‘Little Sand Bay’, which is also one of the islands in Apostle Island National Lakeshore. We heard that they have many black bears in the region, in fact, the highest population of black bears is actually in Apostle Island. Wishing that we could actually say ‘hello’, but, no such luck! Apostle Island consists of 21 small islands. I find it lucky that we got to pick Little Sand Bay, which is closer to Bayfield, where we can kayak without having to rush to camp.

Arriving at the island, we used 30 minutes to kayak 2 miles. It was a wonderful day, for this outdoor activity. The fresh water was cool and clear. It is so clear that you might want to just drink it. But we were told not to. You know America, safety first!

Aha! Set up for a tent! If you like an adventure trip, this is a wonderful place to visit.
We did it, we did it, we did it! It was fun, to have a getaway.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful article!! However, meeting the bear might be like meeting the tiger...

  2. sardinsan
    sardinsan ·

    You are right. But, I will still wish to risk my life meeting them. Hak~ Thanks for supporting. Your pics are wonderful .

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