Analogue, Digital & You: Lomographic Youngsters vs. Old School Analogue Heroes

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When we carried out the Analogue, Digital and You survey, we got responses from people of all ages. 2229 of those who took part in the questionnaire were under 30 and 1119 were over 30. When comparing the results of our Lomographic youngsters against our old-school analogue heroes, some very interesting statistics were discovered. Read on for some numbers which demonstrate how Lomographers of all ages like to break the rules and break stereotypes!

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First Impressions

Firstly, when looking closely at the data from the Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire, it is interesting to note the gender differences between younger and older Lomographers. Out of the people who responded under the age of 30, 42% were male and 58% were female. But there was a far higher percentage of male Lomographers over the age of 30. In fact, a whopping 65% of older lomographers are male and only 35% are female.

Also notable was the commitment to analogue demonstrated by the old-school analogue heroes. 31% of older lomographers own 5 or more cameras (compared to 16% of people under the age of 30). And 32% of older Lomographers have tried developing and printing (compared to only 20% of younger Lomographers).

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Fitting the Frame

There were several ways in which the old-school heroes fit in with what might be the perceived stereotype. Only 88% of them use social media sites (compared to 97% of the youngsters) and 12% check social media less than once a week (compared to 4% of youngsters). Older Lomographers also appear less attached to their mobile phones; 37% check their phones only a few times a day (compared to 29% of youngsters). It’s also not too surprising to hear that playing computer games bring 43% of Lomographers over 30 no happiness at all, whilst this is true for only 30% of younger Lomographers.

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Breaking the Rules

But there were also lots of instances in the data where Lomographers over 30 expressed differently than what might have been guessed. For instance, a higher percentage of younger Lomographers (19%) said that vinyl was their favorite way to listen to music (only 18% of Lomographers over 30 said this).

Youngsters actually seem more attached to analogue things. 87% of the younger generation would rather buy a book in a bookshop (compared to only 77% of older Lomographers); and 87% of youngsters said they would choose to shoot analogue over digital (compared to 80% of older Lomographers). This would explain why 43% of older Lomographers say they are totally happy living here and now, whilst only 32% of younger analogue shooters said this. It might also account for why 70% of Lomographic youngsters said that they would like to take a break from digital, compared to 61% of older Lomographers. But even though more of them want to take a break, 55% of youngsters said that they feel a little addicted to digital (compared to only 49% of the old-school crew).

Please Note: The statistics shown here are based on the results of the Lomography Analogue, Digital and You questionnaire. There were 5676 replies to the questionnaire and participants from 82 countries.

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Conclusion: I'm an old-school analogue hero under 30. I suspected that already. :)

  2. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    Andy Warhol was 34 when he had his first Pop art solo exhibition. Just sayin'...

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