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For every lomographer who has been looking for tips to make their analogue life easier and more fun, the Magazine has lots of tipsters to use as reference. The past week’s featured tipster may be useful to you if you want try shooting with a unique filter, so if you’re curious, read on to find out what it’s all about!

The Tipster section of the Magazine is home to many tips and tricks for making your own unique filters. Looking for something to make your photos more colorful? Or a little textured, perhaps? There are plenty in this section, including this latest addition from our featured tipster author for this week, sixsixty.

In his full tipster, he shares how he made something nice to observe the National Literacy Month in his own little way: by using pages from old books as filters. With some old books (that you probably don’t want or need anyway), scissors, and a little oil, you can make a filter that will get you photos like these:

Credits: sixsixty

Congratulations to this week’s featured tipster author! Catch us next week as we once again put the spotlight on some amazing and inspiring tipsters by our very own lomographers!

Do you want your article to be recognized as Tipster of the Week and get 10 Piggies? Keep submitting your Tipsters, yours just might be the next one!

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