US CItySlicker Nicolas: Days of Being Wild (or My Endless, Analogue Summer)

2012-09-26 8

It all started with an idea; that this summer, my friends and I would take a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. What was at first just a plan, quickly turned into a real adventure. This is the story of my endless, analogue summer with my two film-loving best friends.

Credits: nicolasesc

I’m a boy that doesn’t like to stay still. By that I don’t mean literally, but creatively. I always need to be working on some kind of project; otherwise I’ll start to feel sluggish and lazy. For my friend j_rad and I, taking pictures can also be like that. Taking pictures of the same city, the same sceneries and the same events can eventually lead to photographs feeling stale and uninteresting. So, in order for me to continue being inspired, I constantly need a change of background. So, it began with j_rad proposing that we take on an adventure to switch up our normal shooting routine.

For weeks, we planned and saved up money and film. I planned to only bring two cameras for this trip, which is very strange for people like j_rad and I. Normally when we’re out on a photowalk, we’re shooting with at least 3-5 cameras. This time, I wanted to cut down what I had. So, of course, I brought my handy-dandy, LC-Wide for my stills and my Lomokino for a road trip movie. As for film, I imagined this adventure to be super poppy and colorful. I stocked up on a lot of 35mm slide films to cross process like Kodak Elitechrome and Fujichrome MS 100/1000, my favorite films for xpro! To make this trip even better, my close friend, yaybeagleia, agreed to join us on our never-ending summer vacation. Now that I had my two best friends coming along, this was already shaping out to be the perfect adventure.

I started writing this article with intentions of describing the entire trip to you friends by showing a few pictures at a time and having a description underneath. I intended for you to read this like a story, but I realized stories don’t always need words. Rather than giving you my interpretations of my trip, I thought it would be better to express my time with my friends only through pictures. One of the things I find beautiful about photography, art and just life in general is that everyone interprets everything differently. So, without further ado, this is the story of what I did this summer narrated by your own wonderful imagination.

Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc
Credits: nicolasesc

If ever you start to feel stale or unmotivated, I highly encourage you to switch things up a bit. For us Lomographers, if you’re tired of the same daily pattern you go through, try eating somewhere new and trying a dish you’ve never had before. Try a new route going home or take a bus you’ve never taken before. Make a list of projects or specific things you want to photograph. Or do as my friends and I did and take a road trip somewhere.

My favorite moments of my trip weren’t the sights or even having the chance to visit a new place and take pictures. What really meant most to me were the times when the three of us would be together in the car just enjoying each other’s company. The times sharing stories to one another and getting to know each other’s background a little more. Now that October is coming, I can feel the wind start to change and even the smell of the air is different, reminding me that summer is once again almost over. The summer of 2012 will be a summer I will never forget. However, whenever I hangout with j_rad and yaybeagleia, it’s almost as if the three of us are still in the car together driving down the highway. With them, these wonderful times will never end. With them, it’s always an endless, analogue summer.

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  1. j_rad
    j_rad ·

    Dude, I miss you guys so much. This article was so beautifully done; The galleries were perfect, and they really showed exactly what we did this summer. If we can't go to Japan next summer, then let's at least do another short road trip soon... Either right before or right after Xmas.

  2. conster
    conster ·


  3. hanshendley
    hanshendley ·

    Best Lomography content currently....

  4. yaybeagleia
    yaybeagleia ·

    Kodak Elitechrome & Fujichrome MS 100/1000 are almost = nicolasesc. Great tips for LA/summer road trip! Beautiful pictures and a great video. I'd never forget this endless summer, too.

    ........And YES! Get you, me and j_rad on another road trip, please.

  5. in_my_dreams
    in_my_dreams ·

    I really love it all !!!

  6. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    i love ALL your pictures more (:

  7. abbsterocity
    abbsterocity ·

    Your lomographs were all really beautiful! Can we be best friends?

  8. madwoman
    madwoman ·


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