Lomography Color Tiger 110: Color That Roars


If you own a 110 camera, picking up a roll of Color Tiger 110 should be on your to-do list. The Lomography Color Tiger 110 is a fun nostalgic-looking film holding colors that will not disappoint.

I have always had my eyes set on shooting Color Tiger ever since Lomography made the announcement of re-making 110 film. It was more of a matter of when, and not “if.” When I had a few dollars to spare in PayPal, I was fortunate enough to pick up a Minolta Weathermatic-A* for just a couple dollars on eBay.

I was very eager to shoot my first roll of 110 film, so I made a trip to my local Lomography shop and began shooting right away… literally. Here is my first shot of the Lomography Gallery store in West Hollywood.

I then hit the freeway and couldn’t help taking a picture in the rare 40MPH flow of traffic during rush hour.

I stopped at MacArthur Park near downtown Los Angeles to shoot whatever caught my eye.

Since it was a very bright hot and sunny day I decided to grab a little something to eat and drink.

Here are a few other shots I took along my walk.

Later that night.

After shooting I couldn’t wait to see the results of my first 110 roll. When I received them I couldn’t have been happier. The colors have this “vintage” look that is hard to put in words. A look that I have yet to come across on any 35mm film I have shot. The colors pop out beautifully with the slightest shows of grain. It definitely adds a unique character to your shots that will not be overlooked. I highly recommend this film if you are looking into shooting 110 color film.

*Minolta Weathermatic-A review coming soon. ☺

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