Las Vegas CitySlicker: The Grooviest Used Book Store in Town


One of my favorite Las Vegas bookstores that a few of my friends and I ventured to in search of that one elusive find.

For this month’s topic, I chose to take a trip to one of the last few used book stores in Las Vegas. The word “used” being greatly emphasized because there aren’t many of these stores left. They’ve been replaced by large company stores that offer books with that bland “new book smell.” It’s a pity that this is what we have at our disposal in terms of books. Of course there is the library but nothing feels better than owning your own copy. The atmosphere of Dead Poet’s Books (great name) is very quaint and intimate.

My favorite quality of the store itself was the smell. Immediately upon entering, you are bombarded with the smell of old books, one that I find to be particularly enthralling. With every great used book store comes the bins of free books. Of course, not every book was a great find, but for any avid reader there is always the possibility of finding a worthwhile novel. With books ranging from Tender Is the Night to The Sea Wolf, the store offers a wide selection of literary masterpieces, most of which are antiquated, all of which still retain that old book smell. The store offers a very tranquil relief to the world outside. It was almost as if time had ceased and allowed me to search through the piles of books to find one I really desired to purchase. Upon entering, you are sent into a calming world of dim lit lighting and coffee shop-esque conversation on the couches provided. The store never disappoints in leaving you wanting more. (P.S This is a perfect store for a rainy day.)

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