Film Review: Kodak 110 Gold 200

2012-09-26 3

When a great camera came out, but almost no film that fits was available in the market… I thought, why not buy expired film!

So when i started using this film, i thought it was the best idea ever… what’s there to lose? We have all used expired film in other formats before, right? So I bought 6 Kodak Gold 110 ISO 200 expired in 1993.

Well I wasn’t lucky at all with this batch of films I got from eBay. Although it was pretty cheap, the results didn’t come out exactly or nearly how I expected.

Credits: litumai

So after telling my fiasco story to a friend, he said, that when using film that has expired too long ago, you should use B mode for like 1 step per decade (how I call it, or like as long as if you were taking a long exposure at night). My film had expired 2 decades ago, so I took the new pictures in B mode, even on broad daylight and counted to 15 seconds or more.
And here are those results.

So altogether they did come out a lot better, but not nearly as good and cool as I expected. It did help me learn something new, so I don’t consider this a complete failure.

Have any of you gotten better results with this film?

Credits: litumai

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  1. bernizt
    bernizt ·

    So sorry for the fiasco! Even if the film is really expired, overexposing it even more and scanning it manually will probably give you better results!

  2. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    Keep the rest of the film and use it in an SLR (Pentax or Minolta) if you choose to commit to the format and get one, then you can control the stops better. Or give it to someone who has one.

  3. mami-iraha
    mami-iraha ·

    It was a good challenge.:D

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