Fisheye Baby 110 Metal: What's not to Love?

So what Lomographer doesn’t know what a fisheye lens is? And for those of us who do, how can we not absolutely love it? And if you love fisheye images like me, I bet it’s really hard not to be completely and utterly in love with the Fisheye Baby camera and its beautiful pocket size!!!

So that’s what happened to me, when I first saw the ad for the new Fisheye Baby 110, I just couldn’t wait to have it in my hands. So I went to the local Lomography shop, and made sure they were going to bring it to Peru.
They were about to shoot me (=D thanks for the patience guys!!!), because I asked them almost every day when it would arrive. I bet a lot of you guys can relate to this feeling! Of course I was so anxious to get the camera and start taking pictures I bought myself a bunch of Kodak 110 ISO 200, to be completely ready for when it arrived (this was of course before the 110 Tiger came out). So that when they finally told me, IT’S HERE! I couldn’t believe it. I was the first Peruvian to own a fisheye baby metal 110.

So after analyzing it a little (didn’t take more than 2 minutes for this), I opened my Kodak ISO 200 and started taking pictures in the Lomography store. Sadly that Kodak 110 film had expired in 1993 so almost no pictures came out decent. So sad.

Credits: litumai

Then I finally found a Fuji ISO 200 which came out great and of course the Orca. Of Course that the PC Flash Adaptor is with the B mode the best thing that comes in this grreat package of fun! With Orca film, almost always i have used the flash, with great results!

Credits: litumai
Credits: litumai

Almost forgot! I also put a little personalization into it, and made a bracelet with some leather strings I found laying in my room, just to be completely sure I would never drop it and/or lose the lens cap (yes, I have very clumsy hands) and boy! Am I glad I did that, my nieces and nephew are in looove with the camera and keep stealing it from me. Check this out! Isn’t this the cutest obsession you’ve ever seen?

Credits: litumai

Hope you guys enjoy! And what other films do you recommend??

written by litumai on 2012-09-25 #gear #review #fisheye-baby-metal-110-camera-new-format

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