My Birthday Gift

This year, I received a very nice and unexpected gift from my boyfriend: The Sprocket Rocket!

Some time ago it was my birthday and I received what had so long wanted a Sprocket Rocket. It was so exciting to open the package. Its wrapper had the logo of Lomography, and I already knew that it was a fun gift. When I opened the paper, discovered that it was a camera, not anything else, but the Sprocket Rocket. I loved her since she was released. I jumped for joy, I smiled, I gave my boyfriend a thousand kisses and made my celebratory dance! Haha, that was pretty funny actually.

The following day, all I wanted was to use and play with her. But it was April and winter here in Chile, which meant there was not much light and would not come out very good pictures. So I waited patiently for the days to have a little more light so I could use my birthday gift and get good results.

Eventually that day finally came and I was able to use my gift. I dusted it off and began preparing to shoot with it when I realized that I still did not know how to use it. Oops!

I had not read the manual and as a result I found it a lot complicated. I put everything in my bed: the camera, the manual, the book, and the film roll. Then, I began to read. I was so nervous I did not understand anything. While reading and rereading, I said, "Ah! The Lomography website must have a manual for this and it should be clearer. I opened my computer and voila, the Sprocket Rocket Microsite had everything I needed to know to use my new camera!

That day, I went to lunch with my cousin and I started testing my new camera. I loved the results of the photos of the people and landscapes:



See more photos from my first roll here!

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